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How to Defend Yourself Against Thugs


A lot of people are skeptical of whether self-defense and martial arts techniques will really work against a bigger, stronger attacker.  Unfortunately, many of the traditional techniques people learn, fail the test when facing a giant mass of muscle looking to pound you into the ground.

But real street fighting techniques like hand-to-hand close quarters combat have been proven extremely powerful and devastating no matter how big and ferocious the attacker. (think Jason Statham against biker thugs).

For example, if you followed the "old school" days of cage fighting, you might remember a giant brute by the name of "Tank" Abbott.  If you didn't, well... just imagine the meanest looking barroom brawler biker dude you'd ever hate to be on the wrong side of.  About 250 lbs of muscle and fat mixed together in a nasty soup of "I don't give a f#*k!".

In fact his motto was "Anywhere - Anytime!"  In bars, he would get drunk and crush skulls just for the fun of it.  When he turned to professional cage fighting, he used the same techniques to intimidate and destroy weaker men like a bulldozer.

Except that Tank had one weak area that smaller attackers used to easily defeat him no matter how much he tried to defend himself, and YOU can use this very same sneaky tactic to defeat a much larger, stronger man regardless of your own size or strength.

Here's how it works...

Secret Destruction Point For Defeating Larger or Multiple Attackers

The fleshy part of the outside of your upper leg is filled with a bunch of unprotected nerves.

This is the same exact area that kids jokingly punch to give each other a "Charley-Horse" that hurts like hell, weakens the leg, and aches for several minutes afterwards... and that's with a single "knuckle-punch" from a child.

Knowing this, a few of Tank's smaller opponents simply took their shin and drove it sideways right into this soft, fleshy explosion of nerves.

His size actually worked against him as there was no way for him to move fast enough to defend against this sneak attack.  The effects were immediate... and devastating!  Tank's leg instantly weakened and you could see the defeat in his once-vicious eyes.

He hobbled and gave up, realizing he had no more "structure" to put his massive frame to use. He was powerless. THIS is how you need to think when facing a bigger, stronger attacker!

Don't think "punch" like most people do - it will just bounce off of the giant thug in front of you and just piss him off.  Instead, a dirty "low blow" where you drive your shin through the outside upper part of your attacker's thigh will bring him to his knees.

It doesn't have to be fancy or look pretty - you simply twist your body to put all your weight behind a powerful "side-swipe" of his upper leg, driving through and imagining that you're literally chopping off both his legs with your own.

But while this move was able to topple a giant time and time again, the most dangerous tactics are the ones that are so brutal that they can't even be used in cage fights. Those are the moves you want to master.

You see, the common street criminal, gangbanger thug, and predator looking to target you isn't going to follow any "rules" of the octagon. He's going to fight dirty.

He's going to grab a baseball bat... throw a beer bottle... grab you by the balls... claw your eyes... because it works.  THAT is what "real fighting" looks like on the street.

And that's why you need to be cautious about your confidence level with flowery martial arts moves you'll find at most local dojos.

Most of them won't do you a damn bit of good because instructors know that the 8-year olds' moms aren't going to pay that monthly bill if little Johnny is being taught to "fight dirty", right?

Seek out a practical fighting system that has a proven record for working against violent criminals big and small.

The Street Fight Academy