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Bugging Out Strategy: Should You Hide in the City or "the bush"?


I don't know about you, but based on the news these days, I've been going through my bug-out checklist to make sure I'm set. In addition to that, I've been thinking of all the secondary places I could take shelter when $h!t hits the fan and there is chaos and anarchy in the city streets. 

I can share with you a few of my own reasons I'm bugging out to a wilderness setting too.

First of all, your biggest threat in a collapse is likely to be other people who aren't prepared.

They'll be scared, panicked, and yes... even violent!

Most people will stay close to the cities because they are dependant on the government to hand them food and other supplies and take care of them. But the smart ones do not rely on anyone else and are always prepared for any crisis situation.

These people will stay far away from the wilderness because, frankly, they just don't have the skills to survive out there.

And that is why, in times of economic and social crisis, the "bush" is your best bet to be safe from thugs and looters, IF you plan it right!

But for you to be able to stay alive in the wilderness, you have to know basic survival skills and fine-tune your ability to do things like:

  • Build a fire
  • Find and purify water
  • Know what foods to eat
  • Build a quality shelter you can actually live in
  • Handle your own medical needs
  • Etc.

Don't think you can just watch a few episodes of Man vs. Wild and think you have it down. It really does take step-by-step wilderness survival training to master these life-saving skills.

Believe me, staying in the city can be dangerous when the world comes crashing down. At least for the initial stages, you're way better off in an area most people would not think of going to.

But let's be frank here...not everyone can find a safe and secure bug-out retreat that easily and learning wilderness survival skills is not an easy task to accomplish.

As you'll see in the video below, there are ways to protect yourself and your family from the violent mobs that we have all seen on TV, whether it be in Greece, Brazil or even right here at home in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.

So either you grab your map... chart out your options... and get your wilderness survival skills up to snuff now or prepare for turbulent times using the Urban Survival Program today.

I see the storm clouds coming.

Go here now.. http://www.UrbanSurvivalPlan.com

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