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The Kenpo Art of Exercises


1. Kenpo Art of Punching (Straight Punch)

a) Stand in position as illustarted, with both fists clenched, and at the side of your waist. Make sure
that your palm sides are facing upward.

b) Throw a straight right punch.
Remember, as you throw your right punch,
twist your right arm half-way so your palm is facing downward, (as shown in the picture).

c) Bring your right arm back to the same position,
then throw your left arm in the same way as before,
ensuring that you twist your arm to change the direction of your palm.

Practice this method of punching left and right until your fists become strong.

2. Punching With Side Fist

a) Stand sideways as shown in the picture. Raise your left forearm to just below your chin.

Your right hand should be clenched into a fist and held against your waist.

b) Strike the board with the side of your left fist, and then bring your arm back rapidly to the initial position.

c) Repeat exercise for ten strikes with each arm.

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